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Mindomo for Business purposes

Mindomo offers the business user an online, always on, and everywhere accessible project and plan organization, scheduling, and presentation tool.

How can Mindomo and Mind Mapping Help Me?

Mindomo, and mind mapping in general, offer great advantages for your business projects, plans, and activities:

• Organize and search information with a related, hierarchical structure, similar to how actual ideas and concepts exist.

• Plan tasks and activities with prioritization and detailed scheduling.

• Share your projects and plans with others while easily controlling who and how others can access and modify your mind maps.

• Create and share intuitive presentations, with the ability to export into an easy to read, structured text outline.

• Search your mind maps to quickly find the information you need.

• Easy to use, intuitive interface, with quick creation and easy drag and drop modification for real world, dynamic, concepts.

Assign and Schedule tasks

to individuals with start dates, due dates, and time allocated.

Prioritize tasks

with standard and easy to recognize symbols.

Collaborate by sharing your maps

with colleagues in Mindomo or on the Web.

Present your data

with formatted and styled mind maps.
Create handouts by exporting to an editable outline.