Mindomo Help And Support

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Working With Topics

There are three topic types: parent (central topic), main, and subtopics


Creating and Deleting topics

1. To create a new topic, use + Button on the Topic Menu.
2. For more options, use the drop down menu.
3. For quicker map creation, use the keyboard shortcut ENTER or use drag to insert from topics.
4. To cut or delete topics, use the edit menu.


Naming topics

1. To name a topic double click the topic, or start typing on a selected topic. To finish, press the ENTER key
2. To insert new lines into the topic hold the SHIFT key then press the ENTER key


Moving topics

To move a topic click and drag the topic or topic branch. A preview of the new position is displayed as you move the topic around. To set the topic to the new position, release the mouse button.