Mindomo Help And Support

Got questions about Mindomo and how to use it? Browse the menu or take the tour to get answers.

Top Toolbar

Undo and Redo

Undo – Go back to reverse the last modification
Redo – Go forward to recover the last modification


Topic menu

This menu provides you the ability to INSERT Topics change Background Shape and Color and also Line Color, Weight and Type.

1. Subtopic
2. Floating Topic
3. Parent Topic
4. Topic Below
5. Topic Above

6. Use the background menu to change the color and shape of the background.

7. Use the line menu to change the color, weight and type of the line


Font Menu

This menu helps you format the text used in the mind map. It covers Bold/Italic/Underline, along with Alignment, Font Family, Size, Color and also Clear Formatting.

1. Bold, Italic and underline – Use this to format your text.
2. Alignment – You can choose Left, Center and Right.
3. Font Family – Choose from various fonts.
4. Size – Change the size of your text.
5. Color – Change the color of your text.
6. Clear Formatting – Clear all your previous changes.


Map Themes

We have set up a variety of map themes that you can use to beautify your maps.

1. My theme – After you have set up all the colors and shapes for your map, you can use:
• SAVE AS – To have a personalized theme to use.
• APPLY – So you can apply your theme to the current map.
• CUSTOMIZE – A short video about customizing a theme.
2. Standard theme – Clear all the theme changes and go back to default theme.
3. Map background – Change color of the map background.



Layout will help you choose the best arrangement for your map. This will depend a lot on the kind of map you want to create.

1. The layout is disabled because of the selected topic
2. The layout that you selected
3. Available layout for the current topic
4. Reset the subtopics positions



This feature will help you create a connection between two topics.

1. Insert – Insert a relationship.
2. Delete – Select the relationship and delete it.
3. Color – Choose a color for the selected connection.
4. Weight – Change the thickness of the connection.
5. Shape – Choose the shape for your connection.
6. Pattern – Choose one of the line styles for the connection.
7. Arrows – Select the direction.



Boundary will help you mark and determine the limits of an area on your map.

1. You have 4 styles that you can apply to the boundaries in your map
2. Remove Boundary – Removes the selected boundary.
3. Fill – Choose the background color of your boundary area.
4. Border – Choose the border line color for the selected boundary.