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Mindomo for Education

Share your Mindomo mind maps online providing students a direct link to your mind map or by embedding your mind map into an existing webpage.

• A full screen, non-editable, and interactive view is presented, all without the need of a login or password, viewable in any modern web browser.
View a mind map shared on the web: Overview of Steven Silbiger: Strategies
• With Mindomo's Outline Export options, you can quickly export your mind map to a formatted outline, complete with a table of contents. Use the formatted outline for a handout for use during presentations, or edit it in your favorite office application.
• Export file types include TXT, RTF, doc, PDF and image formats.
• Present your curriculum directly in Mindomo's interactive interface. Style and format map colors and appearance, then save the look as a custom styles for later use.

Share presentations and mind maps online

for easy access by students.

Export your mind maps directly to an outline

for use as a handout.

Present your curriculum

with Mindomo’s interactive interface.