Mindomo Help And Support

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Presentation mode

After you finished creating your map and organizing your ideas, you are now ready to create a Presentation

1. Click on the Presenter icon from the map editor


You have just entered the presentation mode. You will be able to see the following actions:

1. Undo/Redo
2. Slide list
3. Play Presentation
4. Insert Slide
5. Delete Slide
6. Back to editor

You will have a default slide, containing your central topic and the main topic driven from it. You can delete this slide using the Delete Slide or the context menu on each slide


Adding a slide

1. You can use + button from the Toolbar Menu
2. Shortcut SHIFT + Mouse Drag.


Add and remove topics from slide

1. After you created a slide, you can add or remove a topic by selecting it and pressing CTRL from your keyboard
2. Using the Context menu on the slide.


Deleting a Slide

1. Using the Delete button from the toolbar
2. Using the Context menu available on each slide.
3. Using the DELETE button on your keyboard.


Arranging Slides

You can arrange your slides by dragging them with your mouse in the Slide list


Present Topics Collapsed

1. Select Present Topics Collapsed from Slides Context Menu
2. Topics that are included in a Slide and have subtopics (children) that are outside the Slide will be collapsed


Resizing Slides

1. You can grab the corners of each Slide and drag to your desired size
As you cover topics, they will be included in the selected slide.


Playing the Presentation

1. You can enter the Play Mode by clicking on play
2. Pressing F5 from your keyboard


Navigation Menu & Play Shortcuts

1. Share
2. Previous and Next
3. Full Screen
4. Back to editor
5. Slides progress bar

Besides using the Navigation Menu, you can use keyboard shortcuts such as: Space, + and -, Left and Right Arrow, Up and Down Arrow, or even Page Up and Page Down