Mindomo Help And Support

Got questions about Mindomo and how to use it? Browse the menu or take the tour to get answers.

Creating your first mind map

First step

After clicking launch, you'll be presented with Mindomo's easy to use interface.


Naming topics

1. To name a topic double click the topic, or start typing on a selected topic. To finish, press the ENTER key
2. To insert new lines into the topic hold the SHIFT key then press the ENTER key


Insert topics

1. Create – use the PLUS button on the Map menu
2. More options – use the TOPIC button on the Map menu
3. Cut – Use the EDIT menu (EDIT- CUT)
4. Delete – Use the EDIT menu (EDIT – DELETE)



Drag-and-drop your topics to reposition them on the screen or move them to other topics.

Now that you've created your first map, learn how to Save and Share your mind map, or Open one of the many mind maps created by other Mindomo users.