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Mindomo and Mind Mapping Helps You

There are many mind mapping software tools available, but there is no "the best". Some have expensive features that you will never need or use, others are too basic to get your work done. Mindomo is the one you can use easily, let's you focus on your work instead of focusing on the tool itself.
Mindomo respects your time, with a carefully selected feature set, platform flexibility, quick setup, and a short learning curve.


Escape from the things that slow you down. Escape from trying to hold everything in your mind at once. Escape from trying to think and write in the "right order".
Mind Mapping with Mindomo gives you freedom to think and work in the way that suits you.


Everyone knows more than they can show or think they do. Not everyone discovers this. Mindomo unblocks your thinking by capturing the fragments, letting you stand back and see the structure that was there all the time, and helping you to build on it.
Most documents simply reflect where you are. Mindomo mind maps take you to the next level.


The best way to understand something is to visualize it. You don't even have to explain it to someone else - explaining things to yourself is a powerful way to learn and understand.
With Mindomo, you become your tutor, helping you to get a grip on the subject and overcome plan-making difficulties.


Interacting with others is all about communicating with yourself first. If you are not focused, organized or informed, then your audience will not understand either.. Preparing with Mindomo means you will be all of the above, and your audience and clients will know it.
Sharing with Mindomo will get you and your audience at the same level, fast.